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Renovating vs. Selling “As Is”

One of the most important considerations a seller faces is whether or not to make improvements to the home or list it in “as is” condition. With so many buyers watching HGTV and other house hunting and house flipping shows, their expectations are very high when evaluating a property. For a long time, many buyers preferred to find a house that needed work because they could do their own renovations and build equity. Today, more buyers want to move into a new home, take their shoes off and relax. If you are thinking about selling your home the best advice is to take care of any deferred maintenance (leaky faucet, broken light fixture, cracked window pane, crumbling front steps, etc). Cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing are a given. If you want to do some renovating in the hopes that it may get you closer to your financial goal, the renovations or improvements that will get you the most resale value (according to Inman) are the following:
1. Growing the space – removing a wall to open up the floor plan
2. Paint the entire home the same neutral color – helps create a feeling of continuity
3. Make the whole home function as new – make sure every appliance, door hinge, window and light fixture functions
4. Focus on the details – no cracks, cloudiness, leaks or stains
5. Focus on the floors – refurbish hardwood floors if they need it, replace worn or stained carpeting
6. Kitchen and baths are probably the most important rooms in the home but you may only need to update countertops, appliances, faucets and shower head rather that doing a gut job.

As an experienced Realtor, I have come to understand what lights up a buyers eyes when they walk through a home. With this knowledge I am able to guide sellers where to spend their money to get the most resale value. I also have a team of licensed professionals that I can recommend to take care of large and small jobs to get the home ready for sale.