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A bright idea

Showing homes in their best light is one of my jobs. And, although I always point out the property’s best features, a little home staging goes a long way in marketing a home.

Staging neutralizes a home so potential buyers can envision themselves moving in and putting their personal stamp on the place.

On top of that, staging gives potential buyers a better perspective on the size of the rooms and whether or not their furniture would fit.

According to the National Association of Realtor’s 2019 Profile of Home Staging, 22 percent of seller’s agents reported an increase of 1 percent to 5 percent of the dollar value being offered, and 17 percent of sellers agents stated that staging a home increased the dollar value between 6 percent and 10 percent.

Although furniture layouts and paint colors get a lot of attention in the staging process, one essential element is a home’s lighting.

Here are a few glow-related tips:
1. Light bulbs have a color idex. Buy lightbulbs with a color index 0f 90+ to brighten the room.
2. Add lights where needed (think floor lamps and table lamps) to brighten up a dark corner or dimly lit rooms.
3. Lighten the color scheme. Paint is an expensive way to transform a room. Buyers tend to be attracted to lighter, neutral colors and monochromatic color schemes are appealing.
4. Don’t overlook outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting can add value to your home and can also be important for safety reasons. Buyers are known for driving by a home at a variety of times during the day and evening.